About Us

Company History
     In the early 1970’s, there was a growing community in the southern part of East Pennsboro Township. Due to the Conodoguinet Creek, this area was not served by a volunteer fire company, which had quick access to this area. East Pennsboro Township ’s newest fire company was formed in March 1974 and the constitution and by-laws were developed in May 1974. On April 24, 1974, the Creekside Volunteer Fire Company was incorporated. East Pennsboro Township leased the company an 80-foot by 200-foot plot of ground adjacent to the township sewer plant on Dulles Drive for one dollar in May 1975. Over the next few years, the volunteer members worked weekends to complete the inside of the building.

     On December 15, 1976, the City of Harrisburg loaned the Company an excess 1947 Mack Pumper for an indefinite period of time. Many neighboring companies donated hose, nozzles, a portable emergency light generator and numerous other items to equip the engine. In addition, these same neighboring companies donated numerous sets of bunker gear to out our firefighters. On June 30, 1977, the Company went into service and was designated as Company 21 by the Cumberland County Fire and Ambulance Radio network to serve the southern section of East Pennsboro Township , a rapidly growing residential and business complex. In August of 1978, the City of Harrisburg gave the title for the 1947 Mack pumper to the Creekside Volunteer Fire Company.

     In October 1978, the Bell Telephone Company donated a 1971 Dodge Utility truck to the company for use as a utility vehicle.

     The Company has started a “new truck” fund to purchase either a new or late model engine to supplement to the 1947 Mack within approximately five years.

     In 1978 the administrative officers were: President – Ron Laubenstine; Vice President – Robert Geyer; Secretary – Donna Shertzer; Treasurer – Ira Bechtel; Trustees – Donald McBride, Robert Kerstetter and Walter Heiges.

     In the 1978 the fire officers were: Fire Chief – Douglas Shertzer; Assistant Fire Chief – Donald McBride; Captain – Randall Bauer; and Lieutenant – Roy Anderson.

     In August of 1981, the company purchased a 1961 Mack Pumper. Due to unprecedented growth in the southern end of the township, the township commissioners authorized a 1983 Hahn Pumper to be purchased by the township for the company in 1987.

     In the spring of 1984, an active member of the fire company worked for Quaker Oats in Mechanicsburg , Pa. They were renovating and getting rid of a 30 x 60 metal building which the fire company received for fund raising.

     In 1991, Gannett Fleming was approached about the possibility of donating one of their Chevrolet Suburban vehicles to the Fire Company. A vehicle was donated and this vehicle was turned into a utility vehicle.

     During the spring of 1992, the company purchased its first new piece of apparatus, a 1992 Allegheny Custom Pumper. This new piece of equipment replaced the 1961 Mack Pumper.

     In 1995 an active member of the fire company donated a 1985 Chevrolet pick-up truck to replace the 1978 Chevrolet Suburban as the utility.

     In 2002, a member of the fire company donated a 1978 International Beverage Truck which the fire company converted into a salvage vehicle and was place into service in 2003.

     In August of 2003, the fire company received a FEMA grant for fire fighter safety for $52,537.

     In 2003, the fire company was requested to be one of the four engine company decon companies for Cumberland County.

     The fire company responds to approximately 220 calls a year in the township and provides mutual aid to surrounding municipalities. The company has about 30 active members.

     In 2008, the fire company received a FEMA grant for a new fire engine. With this grant the fire company purchased a 2009 E-One Typhoon Pumper. The fire engine was placed into service in July of 2009.

     In 2016, the company placed Salvage 21 out of commission indefinitely. A special services trailer will now be taken to water/flood related incidents in the place of the salvage unit.