Saturday, March 3, 2018

Feb 27, 2018

This morning at 752 hours, the first alarm was sent to the 5-82 box on Grandview Ave for reported smoke from the building. C21 arrived and found smoke coming from a detached building that housed generators. East Pennsboro Twp units, along with 13 and 14 arrived, making entry into the building. Crews quickly determined it to be a generator issue and secured the power, shutting down the generators.
Just before this box was downgraded, the first alarm was sent to Senate Ave for reported smoke from the 7th floor of a commercial office building. Units from Lower Allen, Hampden, and Harrisburg City were added. Chief 1-21 and 5A arrived to find no conditions and sent crews to investigate. Due to the initial reports and the size of the building, a supply line was laid and charged. Interior crews searched the building to find nothing.
Both incidents were found to be caused by a power interruption in the area and PPL responded.
While on scene of the second call, Eng 21 and Squad 13 handled an AFA on Senate Ave which was caused by the water pressure changing when the hydrant was charged.

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