Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Busy Sunday for Company 21

     Originally scheduled to be a maintenance day at the station, Sunday turned out to be much more involved for the Creekside Volunteer Fire Company. Around noon, company members began working on a project aimed at converting a previously-used trailer into a special-use vehicle. Within 20 minutes, the company received an alarm to help EMS with a patient who had gone into full cardiac arrest. Mini Pumper 21, with Chief 21 on board, responded and helped perform CPR.

     After getting in an hour of work on the above-mentioned "trailer project", Creekside received an alarm for another EMS assist. Engine 121 responded with 3 personnel within seconds and helped Ambulance 4-75 with their patient.

     Work on the trailer continued into the early evening, then members headed home to catch up with their families and eat some dinner. Just prior to 9 p.m., a first alarm came in for a chimney fire a few blocks up the hill from Company 21's station. The first alarm brought units from companies 21, 20, 17 and 13. The fire was contained to the chimney and safely extinguished without further damage to the residence. Crews returned to their stations and headed home for some much due rest.

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