Friday, January 23, 2015

Meat Raffle Fundraiser Interupted Three Times

     On an evening when company volunteers were gearing up to help out at our monthly meat raffle, Company 21 was "flooded" with calls (pun intended, see why later in post).

     While our fair sausages were busy roasting away and the mac 'n cheese bubbling to perfection, Creekside received a dispatch to assist EMS. While en route to the scene, Engine 221 was cancelled by Ambulance 75 (East Pennsboro), as they were able to handle the call themselves. The crew of four returned to finalize preparations for the upcoming raffle.

     Halfway through serving dinner (around 630), we received an Automatic Fire Alarm report from headquarters. Engine 221 went responding with Chief Kramer Sr. behind the wheel. Steam from cooking fajitas was found to be the culprit. Crew made it back just in time for the start of the raffle.

     Moments after resuming from intermission, Company 21 was alerted for an Automatic Fire Alarm in a 7-story commercial structure. Engine 221 arrived to water pouring out of light fixtures from the second floor. Occupants advised Chief 221 (Hipple) there was a burst water pipe on the second floor. Crews secured the domestic water line and called for Company 16 to assist with cleaning up the resulting flood conditions on the second floor. Salvage 21 responded in to further assist with water containment and removal. After removing a bulk of the flood, crews returned to quarters.

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