Friday, January 16, 2015

EPFD Catches Work In the AM

    This morning, at 0532 hours, the 1st alarm was struck for the 20-13 box for a reported house fire.  C-220 (Laman) went onscene quickly with working fire. Chief 5 arrived next, assuming command and requested 2nd alarm 2 minutes later. Within minutes of the dispatch, Engine 2-21 went responding with 2.  Engine 2-21 arrived as the 4th engine in, beaching the apparatus, and sending manpower forward.  Manpower assisted with extinguishment and overhaul operations.  After cleaning up, we cleared the scene at 0843.   Special thanks to Swatara E 49 for covering our area while we were operating at the scene and helping with cleanup. 

Picture credits to Sheri Kulp Brougher .