Friday, January 16, 2015

Busy Day for 21 Crews

     Today was a busy day for company 21.  After clearing the 2 alarm fire in Summerdale this morning, we had a few hours off before going out again.  At 1352 hours 21-02 box was struck for a commercial fire alarm.  Engine 2-21 (AC Hipple) went responding within minutes, and arrived to find a false alarm.  The box was held to Engine 2-21 to reset alarm. 

     During the evening hours, the 1st alarm was struck for the 21-01 box, for a reported house fire.  AC Hipple went responding a minute later and was advised that the caller was reporting a basement fire.  Engine 2-21 went responding 2 minutes later and laid in to the structure.  Chief 5B arrived next and assumed command.  First in crews reported heavy smoke and a line was pulled and put in service.  FF Letterman led the initial attack crew to the basement and found the fire.  While extinguishing the fire, crews from TR 1-17 performed a primary search, while crews from Engine 20  checked the exposure building, and found negative extension.  Crews remained on scene until 2050 hours, performing overhaul.  Thanks to the EPFD for quick response and your assistance keeping this fire under control