Sunday, January 25, 2015

Annual Company Banquet

     Tonight, the Creekside Fire Company and guests came together for our company's 2014 banquet and award ceremony. A wonderful meal was provided by members of the fire house and awards were handed out to individuals who made high marks in 2014.

     We were given the night off (the only time out of 365 days that this happens). Special thanks to our brothers from Company 13 (West Shore) for covering our calls while we celebrated!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Meat Raffle Fundraiser Interupted Three Times

     On an evening when company volunteers were gearing up to help out at our monthly meat raffle, Company 21 was "flooded" with calls (pun intended, see why later in post).

     While our fair sausages were busy roasting away and the mac 'n cheese bubbling to perfection, Creekside received a dispatch to assist EMS. While en route to the scene, Engine 221 was cancelled by Ambulance 75 (East Pennsboro), as they were able to handle the call themselves. The crew of four returned to finalize preparations for the upcoming raffle.

     Halfway through serving dinner (around 630), we received an Automatic Fire Alarm report from headquarters. Engine 221 went responding with Chief Kramer Sr. behind the wheel. Steam from cooking fajitas was found to be the culprit. Crew made it back just in time for the start of the raffle.

     Moments after resuming from intermission, Company 21 was alerted for an Automatic Fire Alarm in a 7-story commercial structure. Engine 221 arrived to water pouring out of light fixtures from the second floor. Occupants advised Chief 221 (Hipple) there was a burst water pipe on the second floor. Crews secured the domestic water line and called for Company 16 to assist with cleaning up the resulting flood conditions on the second floor. Salvage 21 responded in to further assist with water containment and removal. After removing a bulk of the flood, crews returned to quarters.

Monday, January 19, 2015

An Afternoon of Staffing DC 49 Quarters

    Co 21 was dispatched at 1410 hours to standby at Dauphin County 49 (Swatara) quarters while they operate at a 2nd alarm fire in Steelton.  A crew of 4 responded within minutes and staffed their station. Engine 49 returned to their station around 1645 hours and our crew assisted their crew with cleaning up their dirty equipment and getting their Engine back in service.  Co 21 crew returned at 1845 hours to our station. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Box Alarms Continue for 21 District

     This morning at 0005, the 1st alarm was again sent to the 21-01 box for an odor of electrical burning.  AC Hipple went responding with Engine 2 and was updated that the caller could smell something electrical burning in basement.  Engine 2 arrived 2 minutes later and took the hydrant.  AC Walker arrived next, assuming command.  Capt 21 ( Kramer Jr) led the investigation crew and advised that they had an odor but couldn't pinpoint it.  He had interior crews TIC the basement to find nothing.  Box was held to Engine 2-21 and Truck 2-17.  Crews from both worked to ventilate the house before returning. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Busy Day for 21 Crews

     Today was a busy day for company 21.  After clearing the 2 alarm fire in Summerdale this morning, we had a few hours off before going out again.  At 1352 hours 21-02 box was struck for a commercial fire alarm.  Engine 2-21 (AC Hipple) went responding within minutes, and arrived to find a false alarm.  The box was held to Engine 2-21 to reset alarm. 

     During the evening hours, the 1st alarm was struck for the 21-01 box, for a reported house fire.  AC Hipple went responding a minute later and was advised that the caller was reporting a basement fire.  Engine 2-21 went responding 2 minutes later and laid in to the structure.  Chief 5B arrived next and assumed command.  First in crews reported heavy smoke and a line was pulled and put in service.  FF Letterman led the initial attack crew to the basement and found the fire.  While extinguishing the fire, crews from TR 1-17 performed a primary search, while crews from Engine 20  checked the exposure building, and found negative extension.  Crews remained on scene until 2050 hours, performing overhaul.  Thanks to the EPFD for quick response and your assistance keeping this fire under control

EPFD Catches Work In the AM

    This morning, at 0532 hours, the 1st alarm was struck for the 20-13 box for a reported house fire.  C-220 (Laman) went onscene quickly with working fire. Chief 5 arrived next, assuming command and requested 2nd alarm 2 minutes later. Within minutes of the dispatch, Engine 2-21 went responding with 2.  Engine 2-21 arrived as the 4th engine in, beaching the apparatus, and sending manpower forward.  Manpower assisted with extinguishment and overhaul operations.  After cleaning up, we cleared the scene at 0843.   Special thanks to Swatara E 49 for covering our area while we were operating at the scene and helping with cleanup. 

Picture credits to Sheri Kulp Brougher .

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Busy Training Night Brings Two Calls

     Just prior to heading home from company training, we received a call for a multiple vehicle accident in the area of Taylor Bridge Bypass and Camp Hill Bypass. Engine 121 went responding with three and followed Ambulance 14 in to the scene. Crew assisted with patient care and vehicle stabilization. Rescue 20 arrived and assisted with vehicle stabilization, patient care and lighting.After the vehicles were removed and the roadway cleared of debris, companies cleared the call.

     Before returning to quarters, Engine 121 proceeded to refuel diesel. While pumping, East Pennsboro Township, with assistance from Company 13 (West Shore), received a first alarm for odor of gas inside a structure. Engine 121 responded to Third Street in West Fairview and sent their manpower to assist crews. Once cause was determined, Company 21 cleared the call.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A few hours and several feet separate two crashes

    Around 0800 on the morning of January 4, 2015, Company 21 responded to the report of an auto accident with unknown injuries. Engine 121 and Mini-Pumper 21 responded within minutes of one another to the scene of the crash (Route 581 off-ramp towards US Route 15 South).

     About six hours later, Assistant Chief Hipple (Chief 221) came across an auto-accident several feet further up the off-ramp. He had Engine 121 dispatched for debris removal and fluid control. The engine crew were on the scene for about half an hour cleaning up glass/parts of the involved vehicle and controlling the spill of dangerous fluids.