Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Gear Arrives

      On a hot, humid summer night in June, various members of the Creekside Volunteer Fire Company received brand new fire gear. This gear meets all current safety standards and complies with specifications put forth by various organizations. These new sets of gear are extremely expensive and have been paid for by a grant and donations from gracious people in our local community. Our new gear will allow us to stay safe while keeping all of you safe. Look for our sharp new firefighting outfits the next time you see us out-and-about!

Out with the Old, in with the New

     As you are witnessing right now, the Creekside Volunteer Fire Company website has been completely redesigned and configured. Our plan in mind was to make the latest version of the website as simple, but effective as possible.

     The new design aims to meet modern site designs, coupled with a slew of current-tech features to allow you to have a more interactive experience while you browse our website.
While we have tried our best to work out all of the bugs in this switch-over to our latest design, you may encounter a few design errors. If you come across something you wish to let us know about, please shoot us an e-mail (